JP Mission #1 Accomplished

And it was awesome.
A sweet gathering in the yard of the couple’s home, just outside Hubbards.

A soft summer evening, perfect for a ceremony at dusk. A couple with 15 years of history together, the prospect of once again being separated by the need to ‘work away’ and a sense of the preciousness of life, decided 2 days ago to make it official and I am thrilled they were my first wedding.

When they first contacted me a short 36 hrs ago, the plan was for 5 people, max. But as words spread, friends and family made their way from 3 different provinces to share in the celebration and witness these two long time lovebirds say their ‘I do’s’. So many people I was not easily able to count them all.

With bonfires burning and loved ones near, these two promised to continue to love, honour, respect and cherish each other.

As I drove off, watching the one of the prettiest sunsets the North Atlantic has to offer, they settled into what I can imagine will be festivities into the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Thanks K and L for picking me to be part of your day. Thanks for reminding us all that time apart and life’s curveballs ad dark clouds are better when we know who love and share that with people we love.

…… I think I am going to love this gig even more than I thought.